Here are some resources I use to create and deliver online courses. I’ve also included some of my presentations and symbaloo webmixes at the bottom.

Check back as I’m constantly updating the list!


  • 123rf is my go to place for quick, high quality stock photos, vectors, infographic elements, etc. They are the cheapest $/credit I have found.
  • Pixabay has a huge collection of free photos.
  • Unsplash has a tiny collecting of stunning photos. Also, free.
  • Canva is the big daddy of all the make-your-own graphics places. Whether its a magazine layout, infographic, meme, twitter or facebook logo, quote … anything. It’s point and click heaven. They also have a design school which has tons of ideas.
  • Sketchnoting is a way of presenting ideas visually and I highly recommend it.
    Start here, and then have fun with this.
sketchnotingImage from


  • Audio Blocks is my new favourite place for background music for my videos and screencasts. For $99.00/year you can get unlimited access to thousands of music soundtracks, sounds effects and loops.
  • Scott Buckley is a favourite of mine. He offers 100’s of gorgeous audio tracks free, for a simple creative commons attribution (and donation if you want). Here is a sample:

Screencasting / Videos

  • Screencast-o-matic is the one I use. It’s free with a $15 upgrade that is totally worth it. Use it to walk through powerpoints, highlight/dim/callouts … I also use it to create welcome videos for my online courses, and create my “how to” videos. Speaking of, here’s a screencast on screencasting I just made!
  • Animoto is still my top place for making quick gorgeous movies. I have one in just about all my courses. Choose a template. Upload photos, videos, music (or use theirs). Push magic button. Shazaam. Anything longer than 30 seconds requires a paid upgrade but it’s cheap and worth it.


Gamify Your Moodle Course in LESS Than an Hour


Gamification doesn’t have to be hard OR take a bazillion hours.

Use this Quick Guide (and free Moodle Badges) to boost engagement in your course.

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Moodle Tutorials and Resources

Thanks to the Moodle community there are many places to find “how to” videos. I highly recommend simply searching on Youtube for whatever you want to learn. also has a vast community for tutorials, downloading plugins, themes, troubleshooting, etc.

For more advanced skills, here are some ideas:

  • My site. Of course! I focus on the design and engagement aspects of building a Moodle course. If you would like some advanced skillset development you can read my blog or contact me to chat about Moodle consulting.
  • Moodlenews. Lots of articles on how to add more advanced goodies to your site.
  • Moodlecloud is a hosting solution if you are interested in running Moodle courses and don’t have the IT set up yet at your work.


I’ve kept the above list short and sweet but if you are looking for tons more design resources please check out my presentations and symbaloo webmixes below:


Presentation: Rock the Design of Your Course – BlendED

The PPT slides and Symbaloo webmix from my conference presentation:


blended learning slideshow


Presentation: Rock Star Design

The PPT slides and Symbaloo webmix from my conference presentation:


Presentation: The Blended Classroom

The PPT slides and Symbaloo webmix from my conference presentation:


Presentation: At Risk and Online

The PPT slides and Symbaloo webmix from my conference presentation:


Presentation: Game On! The Power of Gamification in Online Learning

Am I missing anything terrific? Drop me a note.