How to Design like Michelangelo


We’ve all hit the wall of zero ideas. Staring at an empty Moodle course thinking … Oy. Where to START…

I’m a bit artsy, I realize, but I can share this with you … I never build a course by simply dumping all the content in. That’s step three or four for me. I start

5 Moodle Design Tools I Use Every Day

I thought it would be fun to create a list of the 5 Moodle design tools I use every day in my work. I know we all have our favourites, and I’m looking forward to reading yours in the comment section below!

Here they are, in no particular order …


How to Start Gamifying Your Online Course

Stories are like magic. They capture our attention, connect us to other people and allow us to peek into worlds beyond our own. Deep down, it’s our own stories we want to explore … and be the hero of.

Gamification, at its heart, is about stories. It’s about creating a playful learning space where the student