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Moodle Hacks: 7 Unbelievable Ways to Use a Glossary

Moodle courses can be incredibly boring unless you use some sneaky design hacks to make the course more visual and fun. Moodle is so much more interesting if you think outside the box.

In this lesson, we’re attacking the “Glossary” feature in Moodle.

How it Works

The Glossary is a bank of entries you add in Moodle. It

5 Critical Moodle Plugins You Need Today

If there is one thing I’m noticing in all my design work, it is the importance of five critical Moodle plugins. This little posse of plugins are what I consider essential to designing and running a Moodle course.

Don’t freak out if this seems a little technical. This entire page of suggestions will probably take your

How Can Moodle Badges Transform Your Course?

Moodle Badges are the fastest way to add engagement to your course. In less than an hour, you can take ANY course and boost learner motivation + completion.

How do badges work? What size should they be? When should I award them?

I’ve put together a 3 Step Guide (and free Moodle Badges) for you to get

How to Keep Online Learners from Quitting Your Course

Have some of your online students disappeared?

Why did they go … and more importantly … how do you get them back again?

The truth is, many students who have bailed on the course will probably NOT return and finish it.

Students feel overwhelmed when they’ve fallen behind. I’m never going to pass now, so why bother. They